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Asalamu alaikum wa rahmat Allahi wa barakato!

is a place where you can ask those questions regarding Islam that you don't know who else to ask, where you can talk about random issues or girly topics that are a little too embarrassing for mom, where you can share articles that you find helpful or inspirational, where you can discuss current events regarding Muslims in the world, or simply where you can meet and get to know other Muslim girls online.

Occasionally, articles will be posted regarding specific topics to help clarify things or just to serve as helpful reminders. This community was made to be a comfortable place where you can gain a better understanding of Islam as well as learn new things (did you know the Qur'an actually has weight loss tips?) while having some social fun doing so!

We have been advised to surround ourselves with company that always reminds us of Allah (S.W.T.), and as Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said, "Convey even if you know one verse of the Holy Quran." :)

Join and have fun!
Once you're accepted, all introduction posts go here!
Intro posts outside of that entry will be deleted.

Feel free to ask any community-related questions here.

*If your membership request was rejected, it's because you're a guy, sorry! :( Feel free to head on over to muslims, one of the most active and informative Islamic communities on Livejournal!
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what a great community and lovely layout! :) joined
glad to have you here! :)

Deleted comment

one of the worst understanding of islam is that people thinks that islam underestimated women actually it's exactly the other way around ... in islam the women do not have any duties and all responsibilities lies on the man's head :) ... no hitting no abuse is accepted and even if the woman makes the gratest faults .. then he may hit her without hurting her without hitting the head the face or the body " can you believe that " .. and there's so many times that our prophet said that God hates the man who makes a woman sad and that the man that a woman makes sad is a generous man !!! really i never saw such amazing protecting laws as islam i once discussed our true rules of man and woman with my husband and he ended up crying because he is not a woman .. if you need to learn more ... just ask me i know a lot about this issue :)


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Re: Difficulties


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Re: Difficulties


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8 years ago

As with bleedtoheal, I'm also an atheist girl who has submitted a request to join for...pretty much the same reason! I feel it is exceedingly important to have understandings of other faiths and how people actually live them, and there is no greater way to gain an understanding than by asking and listening to the people involved.
I'm a Muslim from Malaysia where the majority people living here is also Muslim. As a syariah and Arabic student, I joined the community to increase my knowledge about Islam and to clarify misunderstandings about Islam and the uses of Holy Quran. I just want to say that I srsly hate the discrimination against Islam nowadays...
Woohoo! XD Fellow Malaysian! *waves*
I'd like to see more posts in this community. =) C'mon people, share your knowledge! ^^


8 years ago

im not muslim, but got quite close to Islam, so have joined this community to extend my knowledge :D
Heyy missdutta =D If you would like, I could teach you what you want to know. =]


8 years ago

I joined hoping I could learn new things (I'm very interested in weight loss tips!lol) and get to know other muslim girls :)
I figured I'd join as well - I'm not muslim either, but I'm definitely supportive and interested in other women of all cultural and religious heritage. :)
Sorry, another religious curious person :)! Would you mind if I joined I'd love to learn more about Islam!
Hi I am not a Muslim but I am a girl! I have many Muslim friends and like to keep informed on the issues that are affecting women all around the world.
hello! i am not Muslim but i am very interested in the Middle East/Arab world and the Arabic language, as well as Islam. i'm an International Relations major and looking to minor in Middle Eastern studies, so this community sounds like a great source of information for me :)
Hello, I'm neither Muslim nor a teenage girl, I'm afraid!

I am, however, female and very interested in all bleiefs and ways of life.

I try to avoid making assumptions about those who are different to me, on principle but, beyond that, my knowledge of Islam is very very tiny and scattered and I'd like to learn more from people who actually live an Islam life.

I have a feeling my application may not be accepted, due to my being an 'old lady' of 32 but I'm interested all the same. :)

I wanted to meet other Muslim girls, as so far I'm the only Muslim on my own friends list... ^_^
While i am not muslim myself, my fiance is. At the request of his family, and respect for them, i am making an attempt to learn as much as i can about islam. i'm hoping that by joining this community, i can find the answers to the questions i feel too silly to ask my FH. Thanks in advance for everything you're going to teach me!
So, your fiance is Muslim and you would like to learn about the religon for respect to his family? I could teach you what to do and what not to do if you would like. =]

Me too


8 years ago

Looks like a greeat community!
Im muslim too :)
^^ I'm not a Muslim either, but I am female and want to join to learn more about Islam!
Hello! I'm interested in joining. I'm a Christian girl currently living and working here in the UAE and I'd really like to learn more about Islam and its women. May I join please? :)
I am also not a Muslim, but am extremely interested in gaining culture and possibly spirituality from this community. I would also like to know if I can join? :)
I have a question for the Muslim girls out there. or for anyone who wants to answer really :)

Ok I am a Christian. Christ saved me from a meaningless, empty life and saved me from hell, and has given me a reason to live and to love!! and he has been my comfort and he's the only one who i can always trust.

so my question IS. why would you want to serve Allah, the god of war..who supposedly asks his servants to commit suicide for his cause...
when you could serve God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit who is the God of...
love and peace that just blows my mind..
comfort that i can't explain when i feel Him with me..
1000 second chances..
mercy that none of us derserve, yet he's always ready to give us if we ask him.

so why?
Christian here myself ^_^

But I think I can answer your question. Allah and our christian God are one and the same. Jesus is even considered a prophet within the islamic tradition.

The main difference between Islam and Christianity (and Judaism for that matter) is the form of worship and a different emphasis on some aspects of belief.

Not an alien thing at all, since there are differences within the christian belief too, e.g. catholics and protestants.

P.S.: Dschihad


8 years ago

Re: P.S.: Dschihad


8 years ago

Hi there ^_^

No, I'm not Muslim, but I'd like to know more about Islam. Since I'm a girl, getting a look into Islam from the female perspective seems like a good place to start ^_^
thanks for accepting my request
nice group ..
Salaam :D

I'm a Muslim girl and I would like to join this group too. I doo have some questions on the topic of najense.
I'm also a non-Muslim girl who is interested in joining. :)
Hello! Although I am not a muslim, I'm interested in learning about the faith from an unbiased source (TV, etc). And yes I'm a girl. x3
Judging from the previous threads, I can tell that this is a community of gentle, loving, non-dramatic girls/women, and that's saying something when talking about a LiveJournal community based on religion! I'm yet another curious non-Muslim chick, and hopefully I'll be added so I can learn and (I hope) add to the discussions :)

I'm not actually asking to join this community, wrong chromosomes and all that.

But I wold like to say, well done in creating a community that looks to be informative and supportive, and having such a well-measured response to the "god of war" question/assertion above.

I do have to admit curiosity, but I accept that some spaces need to be male-free, so I guess I'll just be curious.

i appreciate the positive feedback; sorry about the chromosomes! ;)
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